Which One Is Right For You? Air Coolers Types and Uses

There are tons of uses for evaporative air coolers and there are many different types of evaporative coolers available to meet the needs of consumers. Also referred to as swamp coolers and dessert coolers, evaporative cooling can serve the cooling needs in residences, warehouses, apartments and more.

This article serves to inform you of some of the different types of evaporative cooling and their many uses. From small, portable air coolers to large, fixed coolers, swamp coolers are available in a number of designs that provide reliable, effective cooling to meet your needs.

Efficiency Apartments and Dorm Rooms

Portable evaporative air units are ideal for small spaces, such as apartments and dorm rooms. Air coolers use no refrigerants and provide an energy efficient, green way arctos air cooler of cooling your space. With a portable cooler, you can conveniently remove the swamp cooler when you move out of your dorm or apartment.

Homes and Residences

A growing number of homeowners are choosing to use evaporative air as a money saving alternative to cooling their homes in the warm weather months. Swamp coolers are often installed in windows, walls and roofs of homes. Evaporative coolers are a low maintenance alternative to air conditioning and can save homeowners up to 75% on their cooling bill. You can purchase and install an swamp cooler for only a fraction of the price of a central air unit. There are many swamp cooler options available. One factor that will help you determine which air cooler is right for your home is the amount of that you intend to cool. If you desire to cool multiple rooms, you may want to consider portable coolers.