Choosing The Right Retirement Community

The best retirement communities are not hard to find if you know where to look. One of the reasons Arizona and Florida are great states to retire in is because they offer some of the best retirement communities in the country. There are a variety of active adult communities out there, but I tried to focus on the ones that offered both independent living and assisted living. And senior communities remember, these are not simply places to live; they are places to have fun! Your celebration of retirement shouldn’t end with your retirement speech. It should continue everyday throughout your retirement.

Best Retirement Communities in Arizona

Green Valley is considered one of the largest retirement communities in the world. In actuality it is a collection of more than 50 individual communities. Green Valley has surprisingly low housing costs for Arizona, and it offers a moderate climate most of the year. Two of its best senior communities are Silver Springs and La Posada.

Silver Springs offers options for both independent living and assisted living. It’s a great place to live if you are looking to stay active and meet new people. The community includes a swimming pool, fitness center, card room, hair salon, computer lounge, and a variety of other amenities. Even if you don’t need assisted living now, the services will be available to you later. This provides you with the security of knowing that you won’t have to move again.

La Posada is a nonprofit assisted living community. Unlike some senior communities, you pay fees to live here but you don’t own your living space. The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about any of the upkeep anymore. The landscaping, house cleaning, and meals are all covered. You can just worry about enjoying your retirement at the hiking trails, in the swimming pool, or on the nearby golf courses. La Posada also offers both independent living and assisted living options.

Best Retirement Communities in Florida

Classic Residence by Hyatt in Boca Raton is no doubt in one of the best locations for any community. The amazing weather and gorgeous beaches from this part of Florida are difficult to beat. Like all of the other retirement communities on this list, Classic Residence offers both independent living and assisted living. The amenities are too long to list, but if you can imagine a five-star resort then you’ll have a good idea what this retirement community is like. The regional and ethnic cuisine is reportedly very good too.

Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers is my favorite among all of the retirement communities I’ve researched. When it comes to amenities and pricing it is on par with the other top choices. It really does feel like you are living at an upscale resort. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet people, stay active, and eat great food. So what differentiates Shell Point from the other communities? One of their contract options includes both assisted living and long-term care. What this means is that you will never have to move again. As you transition from independent living to assisted living and then possibly to skilled nursing, you can continue to live at Shell Point. More importantly you won’t have to worry about the exorbitant prices of nursing care. Your normal monthly fees will cover it. The only downside is that you do not own your home and the entrance fee is non-refundable. There is an option that allows the entrance fee to be refunded upon contract cancellation or death, but that option does not include assisted living or skilled nursing care.

These are only a few of the many wonderful retirement communities available out there. There are so many factors to take into account that one list would never satisfy everyone. Personally, I like warm weather and an active lifestyle. I also like the security of knowing I will be able to stay where I am and receive the proper care that I may one day require. Your priorities may be different, but I hope this list of excellent retirement communities can at least guide you in the right direction.